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9 tips for surviving the housing market

January 1, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

Your Mortgage Blueprint for the New Year Canadians are definitely talking about the housing market – what do the new mortgage rules mean, is this the right time to buy, have mortgage rates bottomed out, is a lender’s renewal offer the best available, and on and on! For many, it feels like some uncertain times […]

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How much do I need for downpayment in 2016?

January 1, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

New downpayment rules coming February 2016 If you’re buying a Canadian home in 2016, you may need a bigger downpayment. As of February 2016, the rules are changing, depending on the purchase price. If your house price is under $500,000, you’re in luck – the minimum downpayment stays the same at 5%. If your home […]

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3 Steps to Buy Your First Home

June 1, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

This is for you, first-time homebuyers of the GTA! Talk about mixed messages. You think you’re ready to buy your first home, but then you start reading the news and there’s all this exciting doom and gloom stuff being talked about.  Writers express concern that tightening mortgage rules might push first-time homebuyers and investors out of […]

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Free home buyer seminar in Toronto – join us Jan 13th!

January 6, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Thinking of buying a home in the next twelve months? There is a lot to learn if you want to avoid costly mistakes. The market is constantly changing, both on the real estate side, and on the financing side, which makes it even more challenging to know whether you have the right information. Missed the […]

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What’s happening in the Canadian mortgage market? The latest…

November 19, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) has released their fall 2013 survey report on the residential mortgage market.  Here are the findings that are relevant to first-time homebuyers and investors in the GTA. Canadians are comfortable with their levels of mortgage debt CAAMP chief economist Will Dunning suggested that this “may be due to the fact […]

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Free First-time Homebuyer Seminar in Mississauga Nov 19th!

November 12, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

If you are a first-time homebuyer in Mississauga or in Toronto’s west end, please sign up for our seminar!  We will help arm you with the latest information on real estate trends, updates on changing mortgage rules, tips on government programs available to first-time homebuyers, and lots of other details on making the most of home […]

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Real estate and mortgage forecast – the latest

October 25, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

Wishing for a crystal ball? Who isn’t?  At least, as far as real estate markets and mortgage forecasts go. However, the Bank of Canada gave us some guidance on October 23rd, through deciding not to raise rates (which was no suprise) but also by signalling that they are planning to maintain a neutral stance on rates for the […]

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Canadian Real Estate – about to crash? Should you care?

October 15, 2012 | By | 2 Comments

Real estate investors are confused; here’s my take… Lately, the question I get asked more often than any other, by both investors and first-time homebuyers, is “what do you think is going to happen with Toronto real estate prices?”  Unfortunately, since I can’t look into the proverbial crystal ball, I don’t have a definitive, “one-size-fits-all” answer.  It’s […]

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