Ten signs you might need a tune-up

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Like your car or your home, your mortgage benefits from a seasonal inspection.  Spring is just around the corner – so it’s a great time to make sure your mortgage is in peak form!

Here are ten signs you might need a mortgage tune-up:

1. You are locked in at a higher rate than you could get today – and you want a professional opinion on your options;

2. You’re thinking about moving to a new home this year – or considering buying an investment property;

3. You’re still carrying way too much post-holiday debt;

4. In fact, you have more than $25,000 owing on high-interest loans or credit cards;

5. You’re worried each month about whether your budget will stretch as far as the bills;

6. There’s a renovation or home repair project coming up this year – either by choice or necessity;

7. An investment opportunity is available – and you wish you could take advantage;

8. There’s a large expense looming – tuition, wedding, new car – and you need to plan ahead;

9. Your income might wobble or take a hit this year – and you want to be prepared just in case; or,

10.  You’re planning on retiring in the next five years.

If you recognize one of the signs that it’s time for a tune-up, give me a call or send an email anytime.  I’m happy to help!

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