Tips and Insights on Mortgages and Buying Homes

mortgage planning for the new year

9 tips for surviving the housing market

Your Mortgage Blueprint for the New Year Canadians are definitely talking about the housing market – what do the new ...
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Mortgage rates going up Canada | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | Toronto Mortgage Broker |

Mortgage rates going up: the Trump effect

Lenders advise: mortgage rates going up We've just received several notifications of mortgage rates going up, imminently.  Rob Carrick's latest article in ...
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First-time homebuyers Toronto Mortgage Broker Ingrid Bjel McGaughey

Why use a mortgage broker? 59% would, when they learn the benefits

Do first-time homebuyers really get any benefit from a mortgage broker? Last week I met with Tom* and Marcy*, a couple ...
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New mortgage rules and conventional mortgages in Canada | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey Toronto mortgage broker

Going, going, gone! [New mortgage rules and conventional mortgages]

Down payment of 20% plus?  New mortgage rules that affect you With all the media hubbub recently, you probably know that ...
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New mortgage stress test and high ratio mortgages | | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | toronto mortgage broker

Canada’s new mortgage stress test

The mortgage stress test - what you need to know On October 3, 2016, Canada's Finance Minister announced the latest ...
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High ratio mortgage | | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | Toronto mortgage broker

What is a high ratio mortgage? [glossary]

How do you know if you need a high ratio mortgage? If you're buying a home, you've likely heard the ...
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The bi-weekly mortgage payment - is it always better? Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

Is the bi-weekly mortgage payment always better?

The mystique of the bi-weekly mortgage payment I met with clients over the weekend to do some mortgage planning. They're buying ...
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First-time home buyer Toronto |

4 first time homebuyer programs you should know about

Buying your first home in Toronto? ...  Or surrounding areas such as Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, or beyond?   There are ...
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7 reasons why you should let renters help pay your mortgage - ingrid bjel mcgaughey - Toronto mortgage broker

Buying your first home? Let renters help pay your mortgage [7 reasons why]

Seven reasons to let renters help pay your mortgage Are you buying your first home in Toronto or the GTA?  Consider ...
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Monoline Mortgage Lenders - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

Why mortgage brokers like monoline lenders (and you should, too!)

Monoline mortgage lenders - offering mortgage choice Finding a perfect mortgage is like finding the perfect home. It’s an important ...
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Top financial tip - give yourself good credit |

My #1 financial tip? Give yourself (good) credit!

First: me, blogging about finance? My blogging on this site sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable. I hate that I might ...
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B lender mortgage rates - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto mortgage broker

What are B lender mortgage rates?

How much do alternative lenders charge? If you've considered a B lender, chances are you're worried about how much exactly you ...
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