Want to get great mortgage rates? How Good Are Your Negotiating Skills?

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Get the best mortgage rates - toronto mortgage broker Ingrid McGaugheyMortgage lenders should be competing for you

If you’ve been researching buying a home and getting a new mortgage, or re-financing an existing mortgage, you probably know that mortgage rates are not cast in stone. There is lots of competition for your mortgage business, especially in urban areas like the GTA.  Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Oakville have many mortgage lenders wanting to loan you money.

Who gets the best mortgage rates? Can you?

A paper published by the Bank of Canada a while back found that there is a significant amount of variability in mortgage rates for customers, resulting in a difference of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage.  What creates that difference is shopping around, taking the time to do your research, and, most importantly, negotiating hard.  They compare shopping for a mortgage to shopping for a car, a house, or health insurance.  They noted that “the burden of gathering multiple quotes lies on consumers”.  But because “consumers also differ in their bargaining ability” and mortgage knowledge, the effect was vastly different rates paid by customers.

What helps level the playing field when shopping for mortgage rates?

Well, for one thing…  Using a mortgage broker!  The Bank of Canada stated outright that people who use a mortgage broker pay lower rates on their mortgage, since the mortgage broker takes on the legwork of searching for the best mortgage rate and terms.  When mortgage companies are giving us their rates, the competition is already built in.  They know we can choose to take our clients to many other lenders, so they don’t try to put us through that cliched “used-car salesman” experience.  We’re told their best rates right away.

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