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B lender mortgage rates - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto mortgage broker

What are B lender mortgage rates?

How much do alternative lenders charge? If you've considered a B lender, chances are you're worried about how much exactly you ...
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Avoid the top homebuying mistakes - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

Want to avoid homebuying mistakes?

Set yourself up for homebuying success Buying a new home soon - say in the next year or two?  It's ...
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financial goals

Reaching your financial goals

What’s on your bucket list? Your bucket list includes all the goals you want to achieve, and the life experiences ...
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mortgage after consumer proposal - 10 tips - ingrid bjel mcgaughey - toronto mortgage broker

7 tips for mortgage after consumer proposal

Getting a mortgage after a consumer proposal? If you're like most people, getting a consumer proposal feels like a big ...
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Single home buyer - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

Single and want to buy your first home?

Here's what you need to know One of the fastest growing trends in Canada is single people buying their first ...
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How much do I need for downpayment in 2016?

How much do I need for downpayment in 2016?

New downpayment rules coming February 2016 If you're buying a Canadian home in 2016, you may need a bigger downpayment ...
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Minimum down payment increase - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

Buying a house for more than $500K? Check your down payment

Minimum down payment increase - what you need to know On February 15, 2016, the minimum down payment rules will be changing ...
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Private mortgage Toronto Private mortgage Mississauga |

What is a private mortgage? Another entry in the mortgage glossary

What is a private mortgage and why might you want one? A private mortgage is one that is offered by ...
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Credit after bankruptcy - ingrid mcgaughey - toronto mortgage broker

Fixing your credit after bankruptcy

Mortgages and financing after bankruptcy One of the most common situations I encounter when talking to my post-bankruptcy clients is ...
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What you need to know about your down payment | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey mortgage broker in Toronto Etobicoke Mississauga

Your down payment – what you need to know

Down payment tips - how to prep You’ve got your down payment and you’re ready to go. Congrats!  So what's next? ...
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Mortgage mistakes to avoid | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | Toronto Mortgage Broker

Need a mortgage soon? What NOT to do

Buying a place you love? About to put an offer to purchase together?  Make sure you will be able to ...
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Bad Credit Mortgage | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey Toronto Mississauga Etobicoke Oakville Mortgage Broker

Bad credit? Mortgage options you should know about

Worried that your bad credit might stop you from getting a mortgage? You're not alone - many people have credit issues ...
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