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Private mortgage rates - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto mortgage broker

Private mortgage rates: why are they so high?

Unpacking private mortgage rates The first step in understanding private mortgage rates is to get back to the basics.  Let's ...
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Reverse mortgage to access equity in your home | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | Toronto Mortgage Broker | Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Why a reverse mortgage?

Need money but don't want to sell your home? A reverse mortgage might be a good option For many Canadians, ...
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fixed or variable rate mortgage

Fixed or variable rate mortgage: which is better?

Fixed or variable rate mortgage: is rate the only thing to look at? One of the biggest questions you'll face ...
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Confused about mortgage rates | Ingrid Bjel McGaughey | toronto mortgage broker

Understanding mortgage rates

This is why mortgage rates are suddenly way more complicated If you’ve been shopping for a mortgage lately, you’ll have ...
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Own your first home by 29 - Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - Toronto Mortgage Broker

How to buy your first home by 29

What's the rush?  The financial "why" HSBC did an interesting study in the UK in 2014.  It suggested that if you buy ...
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conditon on financing

“Conditional on financing”: the most important part of your offer

"Conditional on financing" - do I need this? When you find the condo or house of your dreams, and want ...
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Balance mortgage rate with options, privileges and payment schedules

What is an Interest-Saving Mortgage? One of the problems in the mortgage industry is the way mortgages are advertised: usually ...
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Stress test your own debt - toronto mortgage broker ingrid mcgaughey

Stress test yourself!

Do your own personal stress test There's been a lot of freaking out about the latest rendition of the mortgage ...
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mortgage stress test

New mortgage stress test for 2018 – why you might want to buy or refinance *now*

Purchase - or refinance - before the rules change in January If you’re looking to buy with a down payment ...
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difficulty making mortgage payments

Difficulty making mortgage payments?

Many factors can make it hard to make your mortgage payments Sometimes unforeseen financial circumstances can result in your having ...
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best mortgage features

Which mortgage features are most important?

It’s easy to look online for a mortgage rate. But most mortgages vary only slightly on that. So how do ...
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Rates have gone up - what next?

After the rate hike…what’s next?

On July 12th, for the first time in seven years, the Bank of Canada increased the overnight rate by .25%, ...
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